So glad you made it to my site! 

I put this website together to showcase the insides of my cranial cavity. So grab a flashlight, a poncho, a walking stick with a blunt end so as not to injure my brain tissue as you wander my neural pathways, a 16 oz. bag of trail-mix (your choice of flavor), an old-fashioned canteen (preferably from the 1950’s) full of non-fluoridated liquid dihydrogen oxide, $3.47 in pocket change, personal CPS or smart phone with CPS (Cranial Positioning System), three French hens, two turtle doves & a partridge in a pear tree. Plus a plastic container of chocolate pistachio pudding sin grumos. And a spork. The journey could get rough.

Now that you’re all provisioned, feel free to choose your path through the categories listed on the top of the page. Start anywhere. Doesn’t matter. You never know what you’ll find!

Happy Wanderings!!

Your Host,