So about 12 years ago I self-published a book co-written with my brother Dan. It was based upon the social convention of automatically saying “fine” when someone asks, “how are you?”. My mother, my brother and I actually brainstormed “snappy answers to ‘how are you?'” and I compiled them, added clip-art to go along with most of them, and found a self-publishing web site, which I used to self-publish the book.

I’ve never really done any marketing for it so it’s only sold a few copies, mostly iBooks and mostly in Great Britain. My genealogy is mostly British as well, so I guess that should come as no surprise. I tend to have a dry, British-y sense of humor.

Anyway, the book is called 108 1/2 Snappy Answers to “How Are You?” or  109 1/2 Ways to Lose Friends. It is available for purchase here: Go Here & Buy My Book! Thanks!!

Here are a couple samples to whet your appetite:

Q: How are you?

A: Apathetic, but it doesn’t matter.

A: Double-parked in the red zone of life.

Yeah, they’re all pretty much like that. So if you have the inclination (first of all don’t fall down) check it out!