I am extremely excited to announce that my first pet-related children’s book has been published!

It’s called There’s a Pooker on My Pillow, and it’s about our little Yorkie, Chloe, a.k.a. Pooker. Also Pookie. And Pook. It tells how we adopted her from a rescue shelter, detailing how she went from terrible abuse at a puppy mill to being left in the forest alone for a week in the rain, finally rescued, adopted by my wife and me, and how she has changed from a scaredy-pup into a happy, well-adjusted little fluffy ball of sunshine! It also teaches kids the importance of adopting shelter/rescue pets. It’s written in rhyme with fun full-color illustrations.

You can check it out here: There’s a Pooker on My Pillow Page.

It includes links to buy either the e-book or paperback.

I plan to write more books about our other pets and each of their unique stories as well.